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Storage solutions for small spaces

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Shelving units in a small houseThere are some definite benefits to small space living. Generally smaller houses are much quirkier and cosier as well as being cheaper to live in. Small spaces also mean less cleaning so more spare time to do the things you love. In fact the only downside of small space living is the lack of storage space, which can be a huge problem. The danger of a small home with a lack of storage space is that it’s easy for it to become cluttered, so it’s important to make sure that everything has a place. There are a huge number of storage solutions out there that will keep your home clutter free and stylish.
  • A small home is not the place for gadgets that are rarely used. It’s essential to cut back on your belongings and only keep the things you use and need because otherwise no matter how much storage space you create your home will still look cluttered and disorganised.
  • Cupboards and cabinets are commonplace in all homes but quite often the space inside them is not used effectively. How many times have you placed books or ornaments into a cabinet only to leave the majority of the space empty? Probably quite a few. It’s really easy to make use of all of the space you have available even if you do only have a few small items to store. Adding shelves to cupboards and cabinets or putting dividers in drawers will make your space a lot more useful and keep everything neatly separated.
  • Dual purpose furniture is a must have if you have a small home. Rather than choosing a bench to put against the wall for extra seating why not go for a comfortable ottoman or blanket box and use it to store board games and DVDs too? Coffee tables are a useful furniture item but they’re not overly practical, unless they act as a form of storage too. There are many companies out there – including Eat Sleep Live – who make and sell quality coffee tables with a great amount of storage space underneath that can be used for books, TV remotes and magazines.
  • Baskets and boxes look great anywhere and they can be used to make use of the dead space that you’ll find in every home. Even small homes aren’t immune to the generation of dead space. The corner where your sofas meet for example - rustic baskets and wooden boxes are a great way to fill these areas stylishly.
  • Being inventive when it comes to storage isn’t just about using every bit of floor space that you have available; consider stacking a number of storage solutions on top of each other rather than dotting a few small shelving units or cabinets around the room. You can use this idea all over the house; in the fridge for example, stacking left overs in clear plastic tubs will make a lot more room for the essentials like milk and orange juice.
If you live in a small home then there are plenty of ways to get around the lack of floor space – you just need to be creative – but if you’re having problems then consider consulting a furniture specialist like Eat Sleep Live to get some advice on the right types of furniture for your home.

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