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How Eat Sleep Live produces unique furniture AND saves the environment

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

In a world where the high street rules being unique isn't easy. Money is tight and quality is hard to afford in the current economic state especially when it comes to furniture. However, there is a way that you can be different and fill you home with furniture of the highest quality, that’s perfectly unique - to a certain degree. We here at Eat Sleep Live are a handmade furniture company that work with wood that’s been reclaimed from old buildings due to be demolished, such as schools and churches. The wood that we use is generally over 100 years old and whilst using this type of base material gives the effect of an antique, our creations also have the build quality of a brand new piece of furniture. shutterstock_109676099 Eat Sleep Live is an environmentally friendly and sustainable business too as we use only 100% reclaimed wood that has been sourced from within the UK. Using reclaimed wood to create furniture means that deforestation is reduced as there’s no need for trees to be cut down especially to provide materials. International organisation Global Trees Campaign runs projects encouraging the protection of trees - there are over 8,000 tree species throughout the world that are considered endangered and 1,002 species considered critically endangered. Worryingly, only around 10% of waste wood is recycled and the majority of wood which comes from the demolition of old buildings – around 3,000 tonnes every day – is burned when it’s actually perfectly useable. Eat Sleep Live is helping put a stop to this however with our commitment to helping the environment through every stage of production. The majority of companies in all industries spend a lot of money and use a lot of energy on the transportation of supplies and generally use materials that are reliant on high energy processes in their production (such as plastics and steel). The fact that Eat Sleep Live source all of the wood we use from within the British Isles and the production process itself is energy efficient, means that our carbon footprint is relatively small compared to that of other, similar companies. ESL desk Eat Sleep Live are unique in the fact that we not only prevent useable wood from being disposed of in an environmentally unfriendly way but that we also prevent it from having to be recycled – another relatively high energy process. This essentially means that our carbon footprint is reduced even further because the only energy that expended is in the transportation of the materials up and down the country. Aside from our eco-credentials we give you the chance to fill your home with unique, quality furniture without having to pay ridiculous prices. Although you could order three of the same table for different rooms of your home they’ll never be identical, as they’ll be constructed from wood from different as well as being hand-crafted. You can also be safe in the knowledge that you can’t buy this furniture from anywhere else which means that there’s no danger of walking into your neighbour’s home and seeing the same bookshelf – unless of course they bought it from Eat Sleep Live! ESL table Although we stop short of offering a fully bespoke furniture service that allows you to have your own designs made a reality, we can make slight alterations to existing furniture products. For example, the dimensions of a piece of furniture can be altered so that it is perfectly tailored to your home and needs. As well as dimensional adjustments every piece of furniture purchased from Eat Sleep Live comes in a range of colours; you’ll get to choose from rustic natural, rustic warm, rustic classic and rustic limed grey so you can mix and match throughout the home. So, if you want your home to stand out for its individuality and you want quality wooden furniture that has actually helped the environment as opposed to harming it, you’re in the right place!

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