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5 Alternative uses for Reclaimed Wood Other than Furniture

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

As you can tell, here at Eat Sleep Live, we are massive fans of all things unique, creative and of course, reclaimed wood. We thought we would combine all of our passions into one fun blog post that will hopefully inspire you all to get those reclaimed wood inspired creative juices flowing this summer. sdf The summer holidays are just around the corner so we’ve conjured up a great little summer task for you all: to create some super cool and innovative reclaimed wood pieces that are as unique as the people creating them. Get the whole family together and even turn it into a little summer competition, just as long as you are all having fun and being as creative as possible! Let’s get started with a little inspiration shall we…

  1. Reclaimed Wood Wall Art
When you walk into a room and see a piece of art what goes through your mind? The art you showcase in your room should say what you are thinking. It should reflect your views, thoughts, opinions and more importantly, your personality so when someone walks into your home they should receive the same message as you do. Although, not all art needs to have the sole purpose of transferring a mind blowingly, unconventional message. The great thing about art is that it can be, say or do whatever you want it to. With reclaimed wood, you can create completely unique art that will add natural and rustic brightness into a dull room for a homelier appeal. Our customers constantly tell us that with reclaimed wood furniture, their house starts to feel even more like a home; the natural wooden textures add comfort and warmth into a room which is great when snuggling up on the sofa with the family, a bowl of popcorn and a classic film. hjmk
  1. Reclaimed Wood Shelving
Ahhh shelving, our old friend. For the sentimental hoarders out there who have accumulated more jam jars than slices of bread, shelving is probably your best friend. Shelving is a great way to add additional storage to your home in a neat and tidy way that will not make your home look cluttered and messy. Whether you need more kitchen space or more room for that pair of shoes that you just had to buy because they were reduced; creating a reclaimed wood shelf will not only be practical but will look great in storing anything you want it to! 5641
  1. Photo Frames
There’s no better way to add a personal touch to your home than with D.I.Y photo frames. Parents will know that there’s no denying that your home is a walking monologue of your children’s lives, just as your childhood homes were. Personalised reclaimed wood photo frames are a great and easy way to get your children to appreciate the pictures that fill them. With their natural charm, each wooden grain within these frames will hold a story that will last for many years to come that you can show your children’s children, and their children after that. 566
  1. Phone Cases
Our phones have become a necessity in our lives that we physically cannot live without. Admit it, as soon as you don’t see your phone on the table next to you or in your hand you go into a frantic panic patting down every pocket you see and rummaging through every crevice until you finally find it. We also spend a fortune insuring and protecting our phones with cases and screen protectors to ensure the inevitable doesn’t happen. So, why not make this C.I.A level protection service a little less costly by creating your very own reclaimed wood phone case? It may seem difficult to do but it is actually surprisingly easy to achieve and the end result is definitely worth it! Need I say more?
  1. Garden Décor
Living in an age of technology that is filled with gadgets, computers and phones that consume our daily lives, it is important to take a step back and get back to the basics. Get the kids out into the garden and encourage them to have fun in the sun whilst having a kick about. We have all fallen victim to technology and its captivating charms which is why it is important in these warmer months that we make the most out of the beautiful weather that is heading our way by putting our phones down and getting into nature and all of its rustic charms. From reclaimed wood fencing, sculptures, patios, decking and even garden archways – there are so many creative possibilities out there for you to take on as a summer project so what are you waiting for?! 8556

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