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Eat, Sleep and Live Accessory Ideas to go with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Our reclaimed wood furniture is more versatile than a chameleon when it comes to fitting in with its surroundings! Whether you want a modern home or a shabby chic look, rustic wood can be that grand looking vintage wardrobe or it can be that sleek au natural dining table - it all depends on how you dress it up! Whether you’re a minimalist or an adorner, accessories are a must for bringing character and charisma into your home. Today we’re looking at accessories to fit into your EAT, SLEEP and LIVE aspects, in order to bring the best out of your reclaimed beauties! EAT. Inarguably one of the most important rooms in the house, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the functional home. It’s where you bake, cook, drink, eat, laugh, party, create and indulge! It should evoke a fruitful and productive atmosphere… There’s nothing that screams rustic quite like a vintage working kitchen. Imagine a reclaimed wood table adorned with wooden chopping boards, pastel cloths, shabby chic ornamental jars and bowls, and of course some hanging herbs for a fairytale village vibe! Accessories like chalk boards, plaques, bare bulbs, indoor plants, large candles and wall hangings made of natural materials will decorate your living space with an earthy palette and bring warmth to what is essentially a blank canvas. This particular look advocates health and wellbeing, as well as having a raw and organic feel. 1 (1) SLEEP. The room of slumber is many peoples favourite living space, why? Because it’s where we get to catch those Zs on the way to the land of nod. Because our bedrooms are so precious to our wellbeing and function, it’s essential to make this room comfortable, pleasurable and luxurious! A popular movement in 2016 regards the art of mindfulness - opening up and recognising our inner beings, meditating, and becoming one with the earth and elements. That’s why many of us are looking to create this sense of freedom and tranquility in our bedrooms, and what better way than to head down that unchartered road to bohemia… Think vibrant colour schemes, tapestries, wall hangings, dream catchers, lanterns, fairy lights - anything that provokes that inner magic! Reveal the romanticist by littering your living space with plants, flowers, shells and stones to bring elements of the earth inside. Opt for brilliantly printed blankets and embellished pillows to plump out your EAT SLEEP LIVE reclaimed wood bed! 2 LIVE. The living room is the region of relaxation - it should uphold a sense of comfort and security. But that doesn’t mean it can’t look spectacular. The living room is the only room where the function is indirect; in the kitchen you have appliances that enable you to cook and eat, in the bathroom you have the toilet and hygiene facilities in order to clean, in the bedroom you have the bed to sleep on and recuperate. However, the living room should simply be there for your individual leisure, where that be kicking back and immersing yourself into a 7 season series on Netflix, kipping on the sofa, playing Mozart on the piano or getting lean to work out videos… Choose a colour scheme that evokes this emotion of leisure - it should be easy, effortless and comforting. Neutral tones like grey and metallic accents work perfectly together to create a harmoniously stylish living area. Accessorise always with cushions - they’ll add to your cosiness and character. Tie in a centre piece on your reclaimed wood coffee table using candles, dried flowers/fruits/pine cones, vases, trays and potpourri to lend it that fresh, showroom aesthetic. Throw on a couple of large interesting reads so that guests can nuzzle down with a book whilst you make them a coffee! 3    

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