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Get The Look: Incorporate Copper with Reclaimed Furniture

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Copper has been dubbed ‘the metal of the moment’ and one of the biggest trends throughout the past couple of years, not only in interior design but in fashion too. With its Scandinavian inspired roots uplifting an industrial interior movement, copper (or rose gold) has risen in popularity as the metallic-must-have for the modern home. Because of its rich bronze tone, copper brings warmth to your living space and its reflective surface allows light to bounce around the room making it brighter! Metallics add an affluent glamour to your home, which can be achieved through minimal accents of metallic paint or wallpaper, or through metallic accessories such as candles, lighting, brushed hardware like trays and bowls, planters, ornaments and even fixtures like rails. The great news is, you can totally work copper with your reclaimed wood furniture! It lifts those rustic hues and creates a juxtaposition between the raw naturalness of the wood and the industrial, modern look of the metal. It can be used to bring in sepia tones to vintage inspired interiors, or used to create an art deco look for the Gatsby lovers! Whatever your personal taste, metallics can be weaved in and out of your home as subtly or with as much grandeur as you please! 2 Copper brings a radiant ambiance to any living environment, and when styled right, can look ambitiously edgy - sky rocketing your space as a trend-led and aspirational home. Commonly styled with marble for a modernist minimalist set up, or incorporated with eclectic prints and bohemian styles for an otherworldly look, copper can also enhance the rustic reclaimed furniture we adore so much! 1WAYS TO DRESS UP YOUR RECLAIMED WOOD FURNITURE WITH COPPER Bring in rose gold chairs, stools, table runners, place matts and coasters and table top ornaments to bring opulence to your rustic dining table. Keep accents minimal to avoid it becoming overbearing - think subtle with copper cutlery or a pretty vase to add some foliage! 3 Build copper into your fixtures and rails by using piping for a really industrial look! The contrast is somewhat bewitching with its unrefined elegance. If you’re a little more daring and can’t wait to spruce up your home with regal rose gold - go all out with a copper stand alone bath or shower unit, panel your kitchen with a bronze splash back board or even cascade it across your walls to contrast your wooden flooring! 4 Lighting is a great way to hone in those hues, look for simple geometrically shaped shades and wire cages to house exposed bulbs for the modern twist. These look particularly great hanging from an exposed wooden beam or as a lamp on a wooden table. The easiest way to bring in copper is to accessorise with it using interchangeable ornaments and decorative artefacts. Consider candles with rose gold accents or holders, crockery and utensils with copper handles or patterns, wall prints with quotes in copper foiled lettering and indoor planters for all your greenery! 5

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