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Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

This week saw the largest gathering of superhero’s in one place. I should probably elaborate, Nottingham’s Wollaton Hall and Deer Park played host to a picnic of superhero’s who were attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as Superhero’s in one place! Not only were you be able to spot several of your favourite superheroes, everyone who attended was also treated to enjoy activities such as archery, inflatables and entertainers. We all have our favourite superhero although by the look of some that I saw many were dressed up as made up superheroes, what a lovely idea! Can you imagine an Eat Sleep Live Superhero? Obviously his super power would be turning reclaimed wood into stunning furniture for the whole world. Maybe he would have tools for hands to craft his pieces saving one interior disaster at a time! Next year I might dress up as an ESL Girl who can save the planet with rustic furniture, but I digress, from the stories that I’ve heard and what I saw it looked like a very fun day indeed. I can’t help but imagine the end of this fabulously fun day when hundreds of superhero’s descended in to Nottingham, back to their normal lives. I’m picturing Spiderman taking the bus home or Supergirl meeting her friends for a drink and a gossip. This makes me wonder what their own homes may look like, how would one design the interiors of the bat cave? And would Superman have any influence over the décor of Clark Kent’s office? Let’s see… The Bat Cave Reflecting grandeur and defying the laws of physics describes both this stunning bathtub and batman beautifully. Surely the bat cave has enough room for a bathroom as well as its magnificent cars and wild technology. [caption id="attachment_5990" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Brass and Gold Plated Black High Gloss Bubbles Bathtub, Touched Interiors £29,310.00 Brass and Gold Plated Black High Gloss Bubbles Bathtub, Touched Interiors £29,310.00[/caption] Batman may share his cave with bat girl and this two tone metal ribbon of the intuition dining table evokes her mysterious and divine feminine instinct. Traditional for any bat cave the matt black metal swirl and smoked glass top would be the focal point in any room. [caption id="attachment_5998" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Intuition Dining Table, By Koket Intuition Dining Table, By Koket[/caption] Made from hand selected Agate stones the Vivre Sconce wall light offers the perfect mix of exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. As unique as Batman himself this captivating light will would add harmony and balance throughout the dark bat cave. [caption id="attachment_5991" align="aligncenter" width="492"]Vivre Sconce, Maison Valentina Vivre Sconce, Maison Valentina[/caption] Clark Kent’s Office This coffee table has flashes of kryptonite with its sharp edges and glass top. Clark can be reminded of its power to drain his strength as he goes about his work at the daily planet. The iron base gives a nod to all things industrial as well as resembling Superman’s mighty force. [caption id="attachment_5999" align="aligncenter" width="620"]    Padstow Pyramid Coffee Table, One World Trading Company £322.50 Padstow Pyramid Coffee Table, One World Trading Company £322.50[/caption] A simple but important image for both Clark and Superman, as it’s where he makes his rapid changes between being an average reporter to a superhero, is this framed print which would blend perfectly in Clark's office whilst holding such a strong meaning. [caption id="attachment_5993" align="aligncenter" width="620"]British Phone Box Framed Print, InSpaces £35.00 British Phone Box Framed Print, InSpaces £35.00[/caption] Although Clark poses as reporter to help conceal his identity I’m sure he would love this vintage typewriter.  His job as a journalist is an extension of his Superman responsibilities, breaking stories with his creative writing. I don’t know any writer who wouldn’t want this piece of industrial history in their home or office. [caption id="attachment_5994" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Vintage Imperial War Finish Typewriter, Raspberry Mash £95.00 Vintage Imperial War Finish Typewriter, Raspberry Mash £95.00[/caption] ESL Girl’s Home After a busy day of spreading her rustic furniture around the world, surely even ESL Girl would relax in front of the TV. With options of 4 colours and choices of shelves or drawers, it’s not an easy job to choose even the simplest of pieces, which is why Eat Sleep Live offer free samples to help each person they rescue from interior disaster. [caption id="attachment_5995" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Qube TV Stand With Drawers, Eat Sleep Live from £540.00 Qube TV Stand With Drawers, Eat Sleep Live from £540.00[/caption] Do Superhero’s have paperwork? In this modern time I think even ESL Girl would have to keep up with her taxes or reply to her fan mail which she would obviously do at her desk. We all want work to feel less like work, and it can with this large rustic desk that lets the hours simply fly by. [caption id="attachment_5996" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Large Office Desk, Eat Sleep Live from £960.00 Large Office Desk, Eat Sleep Live from £960.00[/caption] Even superheros must sleep but due to their strength and power only the grandest of beds will do. Making a statement when they sleep is a must, therefore this stunning handcrafted bed has added strength and character for anyone’s bedroom. [caption id="attachment_5997" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Grand Bed with Footboard, Eat Sleep Live from £1090.00 Grand Bed with Foot board, Eat Sleep Live from £1090.00[/caption] We should all add some superhero style to our lives and homes. Something to make us feel powerful, at Eat Sleep Live we are proud of our statement pieces to bring strength and character to your homes.  How would you create your Superhero home?

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