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All our furniture is built from the strongest of reclaimed timber that’s formed the structural heart of Britain’s oldest buildings for hundreds of years. But every British classic needs ongoing TLC (Timber Love & Care). Here’s how to give them just that:

Wax supplies
Things to be careful of...
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wax icon Waxing

Regular waxing boosts the protection and overall appearance of the wood. You can wax your furniture as much as you want but every few months is adequate.

Waxing is quick and easy and shouldn’t take you long at all (it smells great too).

Using an old rag or similar lint-free cloth, generously apply the wax in circular motions to spread the wax evenly over the surface and then following the grain to remove any excess.

After giving the furniture a coat of wax all over, you should notice it looking dull but don’t worry, this is normal.

Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Then, with another clean rag, cloth, or buffing brush, give all surfaces a buff. It’s up to you how shiny you want it; it doesn’t take much effort to get a mid-sheen (like when you received your furniture) or continue to buff for a glossier finish.

wax icon Wax supplies

Eat Sleep Live supplies 400ml tins of wax at £9.90 when delivered with your furniture or £14.90 inc p&p.

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wax icon Things to be careful of...

Placing hot or wet items such as pans, plates etc directly onto the surface.

We recommend the use of placemats or coasters to avoid unwanted stains and marks.

But don't worry if you get any marks it is always possible to remove them.

wax icon Please note

If small cracks (known as shakes) appear on the surface of your furniture, this is quite normal and part of the character of reclaimed wood.

It’s nothing to be concerned about but if you would like them to be more subtle simply wax over them which will fill the shakes with wax.

Over time the wax will dry out and the shakes will start to appear again, this is a good indication its waxing time again!

Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you use table mats and coasters.

You can use a slightly damp (almost dry) cloth, please do not use any silicone based products, all-purpose cleaning sprays or other chemicals that can stain or strip wood.

If small cracks appear on the surface, this is quite normal and nothing to be worried about – your furniture is not faulty/damaged, it is all part of the character of reclaimed wood. Wood is a natural product and it ‘moves’ which is also known as reaching its equilibrium or simply a case of being clever in a bid to acclimatise to the environment/room temperature that is it in.If cracks do appear, it is a reminder or a good indicationthat it is ‘wax time’.

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight as the UV rays from the sun can fade the wood. To keep your furniture looking beautiful, we recommend regular waxing, as this with maintain the protection and colour/overall appearance.

We recommend that you remove any food or drink spillages immediately. Please contact us if you have any specific concerns and we'll be happy to chat through it with you.

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