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The Ultimate Guide to Rustic Interior Design

Posted by Tracey Owen on

The beauty of rustic interior design can be found in the balance between raw, natural materials, and modern, technological living. With the recent influx of Scandinavian design in western culture, people have become enlightened to a way of living that fully embraces natural materials in the home.

Is my home right for
rustic interior design?

The first question you might pose is whether bringing rustic furniture into your home will work. At Eat Sleep Live we believe in a balance that is right for you. That is why we have a range of rustic wood furniture that can add to any room, rather than take away. Bringing in key, natural items of furniture into your home will create an unparalleled sense of harmony between your indoor space, and the outside world. Whether your home is a newly built city apartment, or a country cottage, any room can benefit from a few, well considered rustic items such as a reclaimed wood dining table or rustic bookcases such as our Branson open shelving unit.

The focus points of
rustic interior design

With an aim of finding a balance with interior rustic design, it is best to focus on key, larger items as key points in your home. For example, our beds, fabricated out of solid, reconstructed wood, can become a focus point in your bedroom. Not only are these incredible beds beneficial from an aesthetic standpoint, but their sturdy construction also allows you to have an incredible night's sleep. Our Branson bed, which comes in four natural wood colours is a beautiful, rustic addition to any bedroom. The chunky, reclaimed wood frame is built to last a lifetime, and is a great place to catch some needed shut eye.

Another example of a great rustic addition to your home is the kitchen table. The item that signifies the home, where families come around and share stories, enjoy meals, and create memories. We have a large range of reclaimed wood dining tables. One such table is the Hudson Dining Table. It is constructed out of solid pieces of wood, meaning it will be a lasting addition to any kitchen or dining room.

Why rustic
interior design is so ‘in’

The recent movement towards Hygge and a more natural home environment is no coincidence. In a time of increasing disconnect between humans and nature, people are aware of a need to stay in touch with natural items in the home. The Scandinavians have provided us with an insight into how they find a balance between cutting-edge technology and the natural landscape that surrounds them. You too can make use of some of our rustic pieces to add natural harmony to your home. With an item such as the Hudson bookcase, you are bringing a large, sturdy piece that will add a rustic quality to any room.

The beauty of rustic interior design is the individuality and the story that each item of furniture can add to your house. The grooves, marks and blemishes that are distinct to natural materials make up items such as the Cavendish sideboard.

How can I start to
make my home rustic?

It’s easy to be convinced of the benefits of adding rustic wood furniture to your home. The easiest way to do so is to add key feature pieces - items such as a reclaimed wood dining table, a bed or a rustic Hudson bookcase. So browse some of our items and you’re sure to find something that is right for you and your home.

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