Our Essential Interior Design Bloggers of 2017

Here at Eat Sleep Live we’re not only about beautiful reclaimed wood furniture. While we obviously love the rustic pieces we craft for other people’s homes, interior design and the context of the rooms the furniture is in are just as important as the pieces themselves.

With that in mind, we assembled an elite panel from the ESL team, with a brief to scour the interior design blogosphere for the best the web has to offer - and we awarded our ‘Essential Interior Design Blogs’ seal of approval to our favourite sites to display with pride. Here are a few of the best!

Lifestyle Linked

First in our list we have Lifestyle Linked, a lifestyle magazine and online style collective. Lifestyle Linked covers a vast array of topics including beauty, fashion, food and drink, entertainment and travel...and of course home decor. They look at all manner of interior ideas and tips, from upcycling jam jars to DIY scents to make your home smell great, all written with a great sense of style.

Period Terrace

Next up we have Period Terrace, a blog run by Tom - this is a great site is where he captures his thoughts and musings on DIY, interior design and his experience of raising a family in a Victorian terraced house. An honest and practical set of blogs designed to help people at a similar stage of their lives, this blog is a must read and well deserving of our ‘Essential Interior Design Bloggers’ accolade.

The Creative Coastal Home

The Creative Coastal Home is a of blog - it is written by Andrea, who has recently moved home to the UK coast and uses the space to share her experiences of her new home and town, often in tandem with her interests including knitting, DIY, interior design and feng shui. If you’re interested in a different approach to house renovations, check out her blog!

Tammy Mum

Tammy Mum follows the adventures of Sarah, a mum and blogger who writes about family, lifestyle and interiors, amongst other topics. Our panel loved reading her interiors section in particular, which is packed with well written blogs about her own experiences and advice for some more unusual ideas like creating industrial style living rooms (complete with chunky furniture! :) ) and the importance of texture in your living space.

Dekko Bird

As we searched through the world of blogs, we came across Dekko Bird a well-established site written and maintained by Keira from Belfast. Her ideas for stylish home living became such a success that she was approached by readers asking for style and interior advice, and she now provides this on a consultancy basis. Check out her posts on interior projects and style to get some inspiration!

Layney Loves

Layney Loves is a keen glamper and lover of all things vintage. Her quirky blogs let you keep up to date with her property buying and interior design tips. With a fun and funky writing style, she's an easy addition to our essential interior design bloggers 2017.

Home and Horizon

If you’re after a blog that covers all things travel and interiors, from the perspective of ‘cutting costs, not corners’, then Home and Horizon might just be for you. We loved Lauretta’s unique take on these topics - as a journalist, she also gets to hear firsthand about deals and industry developments so this is a great blog to follow if you want to keep your ear to the ground.


Mimi has an eclectic set of tastes, which gives her a unique style all of her own. She designs venues in the UK, and particularly in the capital. As well as this work, her blog covers her own journey as she satisfies her interior-related cravings through crafting and DIY in her home. Packed full of ideas for your home, from houseplants to wine glasses, this site has something for everyone.

We Love Home Blog

Interior stylist Maxine from Brighton runs interior and lifestyle blog We Love Home Blog. This site has a clean and summery feel to it and Maxine’s clear passion for her area of expertise has led to numerous awards and recognition as well as the Eat Sleep Live ‘Essential Interior Design Blog’.

Girl About Townhouse

We really like the way Caroline mixes up her tips and thoughts on interiors with some really cool life hacks life ‘how to hang pictures with no frames’ and different ideas for upcycling (here at ESL we’re obviously keen on re-using materials).

Lazy Daisy Jones

Ashley keeps readers up to date on her creative lifestyle adventures via Lazy Daisy Jones. As well as trend-spotting and fashion tips, she’s also into crafting; particularly crochet!

Gold Vibes Only

A classy and glamorous blog, Gold Vibes Only is the online space for Annie, which she uses to inspire others with her creative ideas. We really liked her ‘how to’ series of blogs, packed full of useful tips and hacks.

AAU Blog

AAU Blog (‘all about u’) is a comprehensive site that covers Rebecca’s travel adventures and tips, as well as recipes, lifestyle, parenting and of course a wonderful section on interiors.

The Essex Barn

The Essex Barn aims to inspire readers for their dream home - written by Michelle Reeves, who lives in a converted 17th century wheat barn in the Essex countryside, it takes you on a journey through the home...and of course here at Eat Sleep Live we loved the rustic feel of the property!

Kezza Beth

For more DIY and renovation-based updates, wander on over to Kezza Beth...from lawn-mower reviews, information about asbestos in the home and ‘ways to survive winter without central heating’, this is a truly eclectic blog site.

Mum in Brum

Mum in Brum follows the adventures of Natalie who is, unsurprisingly a mother living in Birmingham! (her blog title is more catchy than that though). Pregnant at the time of writing, she’s chronicled her journey including ‘styling the bump’ and her musings on life with kids, as well as her travel and lifestyle ideas.

Much More With Less

An interior and lifestyle blog with a difference, Much More With Less is about moving to the country and making the most of a more frugal lifestyle..enjoying the simple things through food, fitness and family.

Emily Brooks Designs

Emily is a true creative: she is a painter, calligrapher and designer who works from her studio in the Warehouse District in Raleigh, North Carolina. We absolutely love her style and are sure you will too!

Bobo and Mini

Bobo and Mini takes an interesting look at interiors, beauty, style and life. Our favourite part of this blog is Amy’s movie and literature challenge: one film a week and one book each fortnight for a year. A great way to inject a bit of culture into your life!

Let's Flip a Home

Let's Flip a Home is a really interesting take on home renovation: we follow a couple on their journey outside of the nine to five, as they move from project to project and undertake house renovations with their two children in tow!

The House That Never Rests

Moving on to The House That Never Rests - we loved the adventurous spirit of this family’s blog, with posts written by different family members covering their life, travels, food and Anita’s inspirational slimming world journey!

Hello Pea Green

Hello Pea Green is a great success story - set up in 2010 by Mary Middleton, it’s developed into an online scrapbook of inspiration celebrating interior design as well as her travels.

Boo and Maddie

Boo and Maddie is run by Lins and Pete from South East London...the Boo and Maddie of the title are their pet cat and dog. We’re not sure how much Boo and Maddie contribute to the content but it’s great stuff! The blog covers the personal (home renovation, garden and pets) and the wider lifestyle (interiors, fashion, food and drink).

Diary of a Mum of 3

Next up is Diary of a Mum of 3 - as well as a whole host of great posts about Caroline’s family and interior design, this site is also a perfect introduction (and a love letter) to Norfolk.

Home Heart Harmony

Finally in our list of ESL’s Essential Interior Designs Blogs, we have Home Heart Harmony. What we loved about this one was Sue’s open approach to blogging and the fact she is always sharing her interior projects and experiences - even if they sometimes don’t go to plan!

Congratulations to all of our award winners - we really enjoyed perusing their sites and we hope you’re able to spend some time exploring their posts and getting some inspiration of your own!


Mark Godsell-Fletcher

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