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Wooden Furniture Aftercare

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

To keep your reclaimed wood furniture looking beautiful there are a few simple requirements: Regular waxing will improve the protection and overall appearance. You can wax it as much as you like but about every 2-3 months for tables and approximately every 6 months for all other items is adequate. On a clean dust free surface and using a lint free cloth apply the wax generously, firstly in a circular motion then finish off following the grain, removing any excess wax. Leave to dry for approx 10 minutes then buff with a dry lint free cloth or soft grooming brush to your desired shine. Regular buffing will help to keep its shine and durability. Avoid placing your reclaimed wood furniture too close to a heat source or in constant direct sunlight. To avoid marking the surface, do not place hot objects such as pans and cups directly on the surface. Avoid ring marks by using coasters and mats where needed. Should you spill any liquids onto the surface please remove immediately. If you do need to remove any deep or stubborn stains simply use very fine wire wool dipped in the wax and gently rub over the stain, once removed give the whole surface an overall coat of wax and buff to desired finish. Don't forget, if you own a piece of our furniture we'll replace your wax for free. Just call Rachael on 01159 700 060

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