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5 of the Best Pieces of Art to go with Reclaimed Wood Decor

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

You’ve found the perfect chest of reclaimed wood drawers, filled them to the brim with beloved personal belongings, edged alongside your soon-to-be feature wall and adorned them with vases, flowers, candles and whatever else your heart desires. But there’s something missing… The space seems unready to be presented as a completed masterpiece; that’s exactly it! You are in fact missing a masterpiece!

“The Earth without Art is just Eh

Art creates vision, inspires creativity and comforts the soul, it’s important to harness the powerful energy that artwork can bring to a home. When Eat Sleep Live think of art, of course our minds first wander to the brilliant craftsman who create our reclaimed wood furniture, but then inevitably we scroll through the imaginary lists of eminent painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and writers who have graced our planet with unparalleled genius and creativity. But, as always, it doesn’t have to be famous to be considered art - and in the sense of interior design, we are today talking about artwork that one can hang or place in their home. What type of artwork compliments our wooden beauties the best? What does the print say about you and your home? We compiled a list of 5 of the best pieces of art to decorate your reclaimed wood furniture with! Whether it’s a quaintly framed quote or a colourful giant canvas, it’s all about what connects YOU to your home.

Art enables us to lose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time” - Thomas Merton

  1. For the ECLECTIC
Liven up your living room with illustrious abstract canvas paintings, vibrant with primary shades and hidden with worldly messages, geometric shapes and eclectic patterns. Etsy seller, teacher and artist, Rosina Marie - aka Art by Sia, creates custom made mixed media artwork for those ambitious enough to showcase some colour! Against the authentic wood of our reclaimed furniture, eclectic artwork creates a bohemian and culturally enlightened space that wouldn’t be complete without some palmy plants and bright pillows! ESL2
  1. For the CHIC
Imagine the Olsen twins had a thing for reclaimed wood - what artwork would you recommend them try? Of course it would have to be something minimalistic, with gorgeous hues and texture - something to capture the attention of shade loving fashionista. Inky and wash prints and canvases bring a modern, clean edge to the historically claimed wood we elegantly build our designs with. Marble prints, inky washes and ombre effects work well with neutral palettes and on large scale canvases can create an affluent illusion to a simple room. ESL3
  1. For the BOHO
Dream of filling your home with the comforting textures of woolly fabrics, pretty patchworks and textural treasures? Look no further than All Roads, a creative studio based in California, who specialise in collectively bringing mixed mediums together to produce tangibly exciting wall hangings, throws, cushions and curtains. Give your reclaimed furniture that ethnic vibe and feel the warmth of serenity through the cleverly layered masterpieces. ESL7
The modern way is simply this; refined, modern and minimalistic. Less is more. Sometimes artwork needn’t be abstract or extravagant - all it takes is the obvious; a simple quote or some wise words to keep you flourishing. Motivation is a key aspect of millennial life, we are eager to pursue our dreams and when life gets in the way, sometimes all you need is a sentence or two of clear wisdom. So why not in the form of typography? Etsy and Pinterest are brimming with ideas from artists and DIY fanatics explaining how to make your own! ESL6
Ah, one of our favourites - if you can’t make up your mind about what style print or painting to have with your rustic wood - why not have it all!? You can be your own artist and easily create these beautiful and inspiring spaces - use magazine advertisements you like, collect vintage postcards, pick up thin frames from local thrift stores, paint, draw and sketch your own work - the only rule is keep it neutral and minimal. Hang your frames close to each other in a Tetris formation to make it look like a collective of complimentary images! Fascinate guests by inputting political messages, important world topics, taboo subjects or simply beautiful fashions to stir conversation. These images set a stunning and artistic background for your furniture to thrive. ESL5

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