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How to Incorporate Rustic Wood into a Modern Interior

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

The best thing about our rustic wood, is that it is just so versatile! Whatever aesthetic you are in to, rustic wood can always be modified to suit it. Most of us probably live in relatively modern homes - and by this we mean, a home that you have decorated to be quite neutral - a blank canvas if you will. Minimalism is a hot trend for interiors right now, and it seems a lot of us are lusting over those white wash walls (after all they make a great background for all those visuals you’ll end up snapping) and indoor greenery - which brings energy into your living space. But as we strip away all the clutter and as we remove all the hoarded junk we’ve collected over the decades, you’re left with a clean room, that perhaps lacks in character. Being tidy and wanting to revitalise your home doesn’t mean you have to shed it of its personable qualities, you just have to know what will enhance your homes charm whilst keeping it to the look  and feel of your design context. Of course, that’s where reclaimed wood furniture comes in. Full of historical magic, our wood is hand selected from all over the country and lovingly crafted into statement furniture pieces that will bring all your desirable elements together. Because of the woods natural energies and properties, you’ll feel warmed and welcomed in its presence. Not only is reclaimed wood durable, sturdy, it is also very appealing to the wandering eye; covered in curious markings and grand in it’s existence, any reclaimed wood piece will exude whimsical spirit! So, how do you incorporate our wonderful furniture into your modern interior? Prepare to be inspired… UTILISE ITS CURRENT PROPERTIES Generally speaking, when the reclaimed wood is sourced, it has usually been utilised for a purpose it is no longer fit for, or needed for. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always worth dismantling - some wood is better off upcycled for new uses, but others can be kept in their found states and simply innovated to fit into your home. Take these awesome vegetable drawers for instance; practical, functional and absolutely adorable. They appear to resonate a period in time when street markets thrived and these wooden crates would endure the weathers sat out on the streets. Otherworldly, but very simple. 7GET FUN AND CREATIVE Consider using your wood for DIY, creative projects. Picture frames, message boards, hooks and hangers, pin boards and more, it could be a great way for you and your family to bond. This particular piece has been created by nailing rustic planks of timber together and simply wrapping it in twine to create a funky photo holder. You could also use it to add your shopping lists onto! 5 BUILD WITH IT Create dynamic stair wells in your home! The wood is sturdy and so will be safe and ideal to use as a staircase. Against an exposed brick wall this iconic build will have guests curious as to where this enchanting stair leads….Diagon Alley perhaps? 6   SIMPLY LOVE IT We adore our furniture, we just simply love it. In its stunning, handmade form, the Eat Sleep Live collections will bring rarity to your home. As each individual piece is unique in colour and natural pattern, the quality and craft is unmatchable. We have rustic tables, chairs, benches, beds, bookcases, shelving, chests of drawers and even mirrors for decorating, which will all easily fill that void - bringing your rooms to light! 4

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