5 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood Furniture Within Your Bedroom

Are you considering adding reclaimed wood furniture to your bedroom?

Then look no further. This article brings you inspiration and ideas for creating an attractive bedroom with reclaimed wood furniture.

Go dark with a reclaimed wood Chest of Drawers

A bedroom needs storage, and if you're looking for a unique way to add dark wood into your bedroom, then a reclaimed wooden chest of drawers is the way to go. These aesthetically-pleasing and earthy characteristics are perfect to add a natural appeal to any space.

You can add pops of colour to it by garnishing it with some decorative pieces such as flower vases, your favourite books, or pictures and ornaments.

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Create a focal point with a reclaimed wooden bed frame

If you want to add a rich, rustic charm to your bedroom, then it's a great idea to add an attention-grabbing piece, such as a light and natural reclaimed wooden bed frame. The great thing about wooden bed frames is that they can easily blend in with any interior design style. All you have to do is pick a coloured wood that best suits the rest of your room. So if you're trying to create a light and airy space, then opt for light wood, or if you want a rustic, homely feel, opt for dark wood.

You could even go one step further and choose a stunning reclaimed wooden bed.

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Go light and fresh with a rustic bedside table

Enhance the overall appeal of your bedroom with a reclaimed bedside table. Combine a beautiful grey bedside table with bedding in deep reds or purples to create a rustic and beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom.

Adding fairy lighting will also help enhance the beautiful contrast of the greys and colour pops.

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Every bedroom needs a mirror...

It’s no secret that the addition of a rustic mirror can have an enchanting and dramatic effect on your bedroom. It adds a focal point to the room and creates a stylish and calm ambience. A reclaimed mirror will act as an eye-catching standalone piece that will enhance the light of your bedroom. You can also find them in lots of different shades to tie in with your overall rustic bedroom feel.

Your mirror will look just as fabulous as you do.

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Add a chunky wooden feature with wooden blanket boxes

A solid wood blanket box looks beautiful at the foot of a bed, and it's useful too for extra storage. With reclaimed wooden blanket boxes, you can add to the overall ambience and look of your bedroom.

Choose an authentic piece of wood with beautiful attention to detail to ensure that you will have something to treasure forever in your cosy bedroom.

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Use any of these ideas to create an attractive and beautiful bedroom that others will envy, with the use of reclaimed wood bedroom furniture. Check out Eat Sleep Live for a range of fantastic reclaimed wooden furniture pieces that are perfect for the bedroom, and other areas of the home.

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Mark Godsell-Fletcher

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