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How to Decorate your Reclaimed Wood Furniture for Halloween

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

How to Decorate your Reclaimed Wood Furniture for Halloween


One the biggest party seasons of the year is fast approaching and you’ll be needing to stock up on all those crazy decorations, family banquet foods and some sweet treats for guests! Obviously I’m not referring to Christmas just yet - I’m talking about Halloween! Traditionally All Hallows Eve is the night of the 31st October where people remember the dead and departed. Though in our modern culture it has become an annual festival for dressing up in scary (and rather questionable) costumes, watching horror films, trick-or-treating and generally finding another excuse to celebrate!

It’s an exciting time to host parties - especially if you have children in the family who love any excuse to put on some face paint! Because we all adore our reclaimed wood furniture so much, we’ve come up with a list of some creative halloween decoration ideas specifically for your rustic furniture!


How to Decorate your Reclaimed Furniture for Halloween


  1.   Put on a show-stopping spread!

Dress your rustic table in gothic candles, creepy crawlies, cauldrons and skulls - create a large centrepiece that features the strange and wicked for the ultimate spooky spread! Think black, purple and red shades for tablecloths, mats and runners, and if you fancy getting DIY creative, try some of the following:


  • Go to an old book store or charity shop and pick up a couple of vintage looking hardbacks that you can spray-paint black and use as stands.
  • Pick up some fake flowers (roses work brilliantly here) and once again, spray-paint them black and pop them in a vase for a ghostly air of death and decay!
  • Use bell jars to display gruesome and gory body parts, rats and skeletons; a glass museum for all of your party spectators!
  • Pre-melt your candles so they have that eerie dripping wax effect.
  • Use pumpkins to add some colour and carve terrifying faces into them… you can fill them with brightly burning candles to make them come to life!
  • Consider the foods you’ll be adding into your banquet - there are hundreds of recipes online on how to create scary looking finger food that will leave your guests completely bemused.
  • Set up scenery - theme your table to look like a mad scientist’s lab, a graveyard or lay a fake corpse between your treat bowls so that guests have to reach around a dead body to grab their snacks!
  • Create monster or witches’ feet on the legs of your dining set. Use fluffy fabric from a haberdashery or striped socks that you can pick up from any thrift store and put a quirky twist on your table!

Just imagine how good Eat Sleep Live’s Hudson table would look after being spooked up

2. Leave creepy messages on your rustic wood mirrors!

Imagine your guests walking into a darkened room only to find a threatening halloween message scrawled across the mirror in what appears to be blood! Using make-up such as lipstick or fake blood - which will easily wipe back off again - get creative with your evil literature skills! Or if you really want to go to town, decorate your mirror with cobwebs, bats and ghouls, candelabras and bloody hand prints!







There’s a lot you could do with our large Hudson mirror - or simply drape it in bloodied bed sheets so that you don’t have to get it dirty, and surround it with large lit candles for a sinister ambience.


 3. Create spooktacular displays on your cabinets!


Using any work surfaces that you have left, work that witchcraft and transform them from cabinets and bookcases to incredible displays! If you’re hosting a party for young children it’s wise to opt for the quirky orange and black theme, filling your shelves with pumpkins, spiders, bats and skeletons. If you’re hosting an adult party you can take things one step further and turn your home into a gothic horror maze - be smart about utilising every inch of space to create an unbelievably realistic setting!







Our Branson shelving units would look terror-iffic adorned in fake cobwebs and halloween ornaments! There are lots of online tutorials describing how to turn toys into hair-raisingly scary dolls etc. Your guests will be sleeping with the light on for weeks! 

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