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How Reclaimed Wood Furniture is Changing the Face of Interior Design

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

BRING IN THE NATURAL WORLD! That’s what we’ve been advocating for our decade (and a bit) of existence. At Eat Sleep Live do indeed eat, sleep and live aspirational interior design. Much like creating a deliciously organic recipe, we cooked up one as equally delightful for your home. Using reclaimed wood as our main ingredient, we threw in a cup or two of charisma, charm and character, then sprinkled it with a little uniqueness for good measure.   esl blog   Reclaimed wood furniture is shaping the future of interior design in a similar way that healthy eating and well being is becoming a major focal point in our humanistic culture. More and more people are shifting their bad habits (with the help of social media may we add) and opting for idyllically active lifestyles; fitness regimes, healthy dieting, skincare, sustainable living and ethically sourcing every product possible. In that sense, reclaimed wood is holding the same hand of inspiration out to those who wish to live in a home made of the very same wholesome essence. Recycling has been a concept recorded since Plato in 400BC (many millennia ago when people wore robes and scribed onto parchment), yet some major corporations and big name brands still don’t play their role in helping out our planet. We strive to promote sustainable living in the household, at work, on holiday, wherever and whenever. By recycling wood from British buildings and constructions, we are removing the need to chop down new trees to create our furniture and thus minimising transport and manufacturing costs and chemicals. The whole process of reclaiming old wood for new purposes is a healthy one for our Mother Earth and we can’t shout about it enough. Whilst 2016 brings us popular Scandinavian landscape designs with white wash walls, spacious living areas and industrial looking fixtures, the bare brick and exposed wood is still an irreplaceable heritage look that simply, only improves with age. It’s an ‘aesthetic less about perfection and more about provenance’ - Telegraph and although we have been long used to having reclaimed wood flooring, the age is now that our wood is adding warmth through utility units, cupboards and even walls. Here at Eat Sleep Live, we are renowned for our brilliance, craftsmanship and environmentally friendlyway of reinventing the modern home with our historical timber. Reclaimed wood is the new black – and you heard it from us first. Although we can’t imagine Karl Lagerfeld creating a new line of ‘little lumber jackets’, we did predict the sustainable homes trend would soon take off. That’s right, it is now the cool ‘IT’ thing to own a home adorned with rustic reclaimed wood furniture and all the ethical trimmings (we did advocate this trend long before it hit Pinterest). It’s making homeowners turn a chapter in their lifestyle books and in realising the great potentials of having natural elements indoors, it’s building up a reputable desirability for our stunning products. So if you want to jump on our little red wagon and proudly help us revolutionise the face of interior design, then don’t hesitate; grab your trumpet and come marching with the EAT SLEEP LIVE troops.

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