The 12 Days of EAT SLEEP LIVE Christmas!

It may only be October but the festive season will be here before you know it! Due to the increased demand as we approach the holidays, here at Eat Sleep Live we have recruited more Christmas elves to ensure we can have all of our rustic reclaimed wood furniture ready in good time for Christmas morning. Don’t wait too long to submit your order though - they may be elves but there’s still only so much they can craft in a limited time so make sure you contact us with your requirements before October 17th.

We are extremely excited to see what 2016’s festive season brings, so we hope you’ve all been good this year in anticipation of your Eat Sleep Live Christmas wish list. Just for a bit of fun, we’ve prepared a 12 days of Christmas countdown for all our readers and shoppers!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

12 different products to choose from:

  1. Reclaimed wood dining tables
  2. Solid wood beds
  3. Rustic benches
  4. TV stands    
  5. Dining chairs
  6. Blanket boxes
  7. Book cases
  8. Coffee tables
  9. Cabinets
  10. Shelving units
  11. Mirrors
  12. Desks (and we have more!)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

11 reasons to shop with ESL:

  1. Our products are sustainable and eco-friendly
  2. ESL’s reclaimed furniture is completely unique
  3. The wood we use is sourced locally in the UK
  4. We up-cycle existing wood to prevent deforestation
  5. Our designs are made to last a lifetime!
  6. The wood encompasses all its original markings making it completely authentic and individual
  7. Our furniture is sturdy and durable - built to withstand everyday wear and tear
  8. Our products are ideal for homes or for work spaces; we have even created bespoke collections for commercial interiors such as shops, restaurants, boutiques, offices and schools.
  9. We offer a choice of finishes and colours on our furniture
  10. Every rustic wood product that we sell is handcrafted by our own talented craftsmen
  11. Our furniture is absolutely beautiful!

On the tenth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

10 rooms in your house that you can adorn with ESL furniture:

  1. Bedroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Dining room
  4. Living room
  5. Hallway
  6. Bathroom
  7. Games room
  8. Guest bedroom
  9. Office
  10. Landing

On the ninth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

9 reasons to love our furniture as much as we do!

  1. Your furniture reflects who you are as a person; well looked after, presentable appliances and fixtures indicate a proud home owner!
  2. It makes your home homely - it adds quirk and character.
  3. If you choose furniture that matches your style and taste you’ll never be bored of it.
  4. It’s practical, useful, durable and absolutely necessary to the ease of your everyday life.
  5. Reclaimed wood is iconic and will draw interest into your home.
  6. It’s easy to look after and comes with all the required care instructions.
  7. Though they are investment pieces, our furniture will last a lifetime if looked after!
  8. The designs are unique to ESL and can be easily updated with the use of home accessorising.
  9. It does the job whilst looking effortlessly beguiling.

On the eighth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

8 choices of handmade armchairs:

  1. Edmund Armchair
  2. Miller Armchair
  3. Latimer Armchair
  4. Ella Armchair
  5. Peppy Armchair
  6. Phoenix Armchair
  7. Piccadilly Armchair
  8. Pimlico Armchair

On the seventh day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

7 rustic beds to choose from:

  1. Hudson bed with low end
  2. Hudson bed with footboard
  3. Hudson loft bed
  4. Darcy bed with low end
  5. Darcy bed with footboard
  6. Branson bed
  7. Branson loft bed


On the sixth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

6 ways you can decorate your rustic wood furniture this Christmas:

  1. Line your solid wood dining table with a festive runner or table cloth! Get some matching mats, coasters and create a stunning centrepiece in the middle to really encapsulate the seasonal magic!
  2. Get DIY creative and make some of your own Christmas decorations - put your haberdashery skills to use and handcraft some cute bunting to string across your rustic shelving units.
  3. Decorate your coffee table with chunky candles inside bell jars and glass vases to create magic in the moonlight.
  4. Use soft furnishings such as plump pillows, fluffy throws, knitted blankets and seat covers to pair with your ESL chairs and sofas - it’ll make it feel snuggly warm!
  5. Don’t forget about your Christmas ornaments - adorn your bookcase with santa statues, snowmen, reindeer, penguins and polar bears!
  6. Invest in some themed bedding for your bedrooms and guest rooms this Christmas… opt for seasonal colours or prints that will really tie together the spirited ambience.

On the fifth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

5 choices of contemporary handmade sofas:


  1. Belgravia Sofa
  2. Piccadilly Sofa
  3. Pimlico Sofa
  4. Sloane Sofa
  5. Valentine Sofa



On the fourth day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

4 lovely colours to choose your wood in!



  1. Warm
  2. Grey
  3. Natural
  4. Classic



On the third day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

3 choices of reclaimed coffee tables to choose from:

  1. Branson coffee table
  2. Hudson coffee table
  3. Cavendish coffee table





On the second day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

2 very talented and experienced delivery men that will put up your furniture in situ and complete any assembly that is required!



On the first day of Christmas, EAT SLEEP LIVE gave to me…

1. VERY happy customer - YOU!




Mark Godsell-Fletcher

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