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5 Reasons why Rustic Furniture is Perfect for Christmas Parties

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Of course, our rustic furniture is perfect for any event, all year round. But there’s something particularly magical about Christmas isn’t there? And with the whimsical nature of our beautiful reclaimed wood, it’s no surprise that they go hand in hand for our special festive season! It may only be September and we are very sad that the summer is over, but we’re sat in the office dreaming up our ideal winter warming evenings with our loved ones!

But it’s not all about snuggling up under blankets and watching films with cups of hot chocolate in our hands - after all, it is party season! The time of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to go out clad head to toe in sparkling sequins and heavy jewels, when bars start bringing out their mulled wine and festive ciders, and when you can never leave the house in too many layers but end up sweating it out as soon as you enter the pub because they’ve whacked their heating on full blast. Yes, ‘tis the season to be merry.

Many of us will be seeing distant relatives over the coming months and having friends round for winter gatherings - let alone the endless amounts of Christmas parties! So if you’re hosting this year you’ll want to be fully equipped to impress your guests…

5 Reasons why Rustic Furniture is Perfect for Christmas Parties


As mentioned, our rustic furniture harnesses a little magic of its own - because it is sourced from historical buildings and farmhouses from all over the UK, it’s already had a life before it became our furniture. The markings and etchings on our wood are all imprints of its past life and the elements and hardship it endured. We’re strong believers at Eat Sleep Live that with this sort of character, an inanimate object can bring energy into a room - what we refer to as ambience. Of course, it is positive energy we are referencing, and engaging, captivating energy that will draw guests into the warmth and welcoming ambience of your humble abode.


Our handmade tables are extremely easy to incorporate into any theme, particularly one centred around sparkles and festive cheer! Think how good your sherry glasses will look on our Hudson dining table…timeless and rustic in its flawless design, this is the perfect size and shape for an evening buffet. Exquisite finger food, warm plates and party beverages amidst shimmering candles and decorative baubles - an image of pure comfort and joy!


Probably our most obvious reason for advocating reclaimed wood furniture is the overall look! Everyone wants to live in a nice house; clean, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable…but who wants to live in a house with all those things plus spectacular artifacts and stunning furniture? We do! That’s what we believe our furniture brings to a home. Not only is it incredibly strong and durable, but its lovely appearance is something for your guests to admire - and it’s a great conversation starter.


Ok, so Christmas parties may mean rowdy guests - so there’s bound to be some bumps, knocks and spillages - it’s what you expect as a host. But with furniture that’s already been through a life time of bumps, knocks and spillages, it’s likely they’ll be able to withstand a couple more. Because our furniture is crafted to be so sturdy, it won’t go wobbling over if one of your party goers does the time warp into it. Excellent.


It’s likely you’ll be having guests stay over, so our rustic bed frames are the perfect reason to encourage them not to fork out for a hotel and stay in your residence, happily and comfortably. Our beds are ideal for a guest bedroom as they’re so easy to tie in with the rest of your decor and offer a reliable, luxurious place for them to rest. That, and they look wonderful!

We think furniture becomes part of the family, and if you're looking to choose a new piece of beautiful reclaimed wood furniture this year, if you order by 10th of October we aim to ensure your new furniture arrives before Santa sets off, so you can really enjoy an Eat Sleep Live Christmas. 

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