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Top Tips on How to Declutter your Bedroom

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

At Eat Sleep Live weve got some exciting up and coming projects including the recent addition of our wooden underbed storage! They are a great solution to hiding away possessions that may otherwise clutter your living space. Our reclaimed rustic boxes can be moved around the room easily on their multi floor castors by gripping their underside - designed specifically for your hands. Each storage unit comes with two separate lads and have been created with the intention of being able to fit two or three units under our reclaimed wood bed designs (depending on the size!).

What else currently lives under your bed? Dust bunnies and odd socks were guessing. So why not utilise the space with some handy storage - itll help sweep away the odds and ends that are lying around your room, or make for ideal spaces to store extra blankets for the winter.

There are loads of others ways to help declutter your room too! Im sure youve all been nagged at  at some point to clear away all those unwanted items that you insist must lie messily across your carpethere are some of our top solutions to decluttering your bedroom!

Top Tips on How to Declutter to your Bedroom


First of all, you need to actually establish what is and what isnt clutter. Clutter is defined as a collection of things lying about in an untidy state.meaning perhaps, that you dont care enough about these items to house them properly, thus meaning you could probably get rid of them without really noticing. For instance, a pile of old clothes that have been sitting untidily in the corner of your room for a couple of weeks clearly isnt being missed, as all your nicely ironed clothes are hanging safely in your wardrobe. For the amount of time that your screwed up pile has been there, have you noticed specific items missing? If not, take it as an opportunity to chuck it! You obviously no longer need them.

Be ruthless in your approach to spring cleaningand donate all your still useful but unwanted items to charity shops, thrift stores and shelters, then ensure you recycle anything that is rubbish.


Often when we graft through our rooms with rubber gloves and bin bags, we find ourselves immersed in nostalgic trinkets or old magazines, thinking ah I cant possibly throw this away, it may come in handy one day. Let me speak from experience when I say; THERE IS NEVER A ONE DAY. It will just sit there and collect dust - so get rid. Dont play the victim card and feel sorry for your stuff, its actually really healthy to declutter as often as once a month! Its surprising how much you can accumulate during that period.


Once you have decluttered of all the things you no longer need or want, you should be left with only things that have a use or make you happy! These things are all important and so need a home where they can be safe from harsh lights, dust, mites and general wear. Consider having smart storage; under your bed, secret drawers and cupboards, large wardrobes with extra shelving, seats and stools with multi purpose lids and spaces inside etc.

There are loads of creative ways to build extra storage in your bedroom, its all about being clever with it. If you have a corner space that looks fit for nothing, youre wrong! Every single nook and cranny CAN be appropriately utilised, so dont worry about it not being totally conventional. Even super slim spaces can be manipulated to house sliding drawers.


Keeping your bedroom tidy will help to make it feel decluttered - and itll make living in their a whole lot easier when you find everything in its rightful place!

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