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Create the Ultimate Fairytale Bedroom for Your Child!

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

We all know that Christmas is really for the kids…right? Though admittedly it is still one of the most magical times of the year for me too, however, because we tend to see what goes on behind the scenes; the stress, the breaking of the bank etc., it kind of ruins the illusion. So if we are thinking of a wonderful way to prepare our children for the enchantment of Christmas, what springs to mind? For Eat Sleep Live, it’s our reclaimed wood furniture - but with a twist.


We’ve talked about our products several times in terms of fitting them in with current trends and likening them to your tastes and home palettes - but we haven’t yet explored the avenue of our pieces becoming vital parts in your child’s journey of growing up. Because our furniture is designed to last a lifetime, its durability means that it will witness the years passing and your little one becoming an adult. Every mark, scrape and etching that our wood furniture endures during those tantrums, play fights, games, artwork and so on will all still be present when they pack up their bags and leave home for the first time. Isn’t that an incredible thought? We don’t want them growing up too fast though, heaven knows there’s still a lot of fun to be had whilst they’re young - so make the most out of their wild imaginations and vivid nature.


We thought it would be a lovely idea to explore how you can create a fairytale bedroom for your little girl or boy using our rustic wood beds, solid wood bookcases and all our designs!


How to Create the Ultimate Fairytale Bedroom for Your Child!




This has to be one of my favourite ideas! Using our Branson or Hudson (pictured) reclaimed wood wardrobe, place it in front of the doorway leading into your child’s bedroom. Cut a door shaped hole out of the back of the wardrobe (we don’t mind you defacing our beautiful furniture if it’s for a magical cause, but bear in mind that our aftercare policy doesn’t cover this!), and use the wardrobe as their entrance into Narnia! Theme their bedroom like the snowy landscapes from the infamous C.S. Lewis novel and even include a couple of their favourite characters such as Aslan the Lion or Mr Tumnus the Faun.




Does your little one adore animals and adventure? Why not create an enchanted woodland forest for them play in? Using our rustic Darcy bed that has gaps in between its headboard slats, intertwine faux ivy and plastic foliage, drape it with cuddly snakes and animals and theme the duvet covers to match!


Paint the walls with forest scenery and even create the appearance of the tree of life crawling up the walls and spreading its many branches across the ceiling. Using floating shelves, perch toy animals on the branches to give the illusion of an animated woodland!


It is completely possible to add a second house to your home - a treehouse! Whether you want to keep it a little more grounded and play off the dimensions of a children's bunk bed, or whether you want to fully push the boat out and create a whole new floor level within the bedroom to act as the treehouse is completely up to your imagination (and budget!). Using ladders and slides, develop a wooden platform that the child can climb up to and ride down from, a space big enough to hold a mattress and shelving. String the bed with foliage and bunting for decoration!




Your child’s education is imperative to their intellectual development! But it’s not all school and exams - literature can help your little one grow intelligently and creatively, so fill their world with books! Fantasy, Sci-Fi, fiction and non-fiction, picture books, colouring books, activity books… you name it! Arrange them on our solid wood bookcase and create a playroom themed to an enchanted library! Take inspiration from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for a heavily opulent version. Decorate the walls with characters from their favourite stories and create an alcove or reading corner using colourful bean bags, large cushions and a night light for reading bedtime stories!




Is your child athletic? Do they enjoy shooting hoops or kicking a ball into the goal? Theme their bedroom to keep them active! Their friends will adore coming round for playdates! You can kit them out easily with removable basketball nets from toy stores, and use sporting equipment attached to string (we don’t want any windows broken do we!?). Attach a football to a rope and pad out a space on the strongest wall to mark out as the goal, or use rope to create climbing frames up to their bunk bed!

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