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How to Create a Cosy Family Room

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

There is no room that can bring quite as much comfort and pleasure as a living area. As winter draws in you’ll probably find yourself ditching those late nights partying in town (well, maybe just when it’s super freezing) and opting for a cosy night in watching festive films and sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire. It’s what we tend to do in the months building up to Christmas - we become very home oriented and it’s mostly down to weather.


No doubt you’ll be hosting some form of gathering this year, whether it’s a full party or just a casual family get-together, you’ll be wanting a lounge space that’s warm and welcoming for all your guests - as well as for you on your Netflix nights! So we’ve devised a list of different ways that you can make your living room inviting this winter…

How to Create a Cosy Family Room


Your chairs and sofas should be luring you in to sit on them - their textures and squishy cushions should make guests eager to sink into their luxury! Layer hard-backed or leather furniture with faux fur throws and cable knit blankets to soften their look and avoid anything metallic or silky as this will make them appear cold. Heavy curtains can also lend to a cosy feel in your living room, as well as playing a big role in helping to keep the heat from escaping with their draft excluding qualities.

If you have wooden or tiled flooring consider a plush statement rug that is softly textured underfoot and add lots of plump pillows to your seating!


Choose warming colours such as gold, yellow, terracotta, deep coral, scarlet, olive green etc. and team them with the rich classic brown of your rustic wood furniture! Use decorative accessories to introduce accents and allow these to be interchangeable so that when the seasons change you can easily update your colour scheme.


The arrangement of your furniture should flow effortlessly through the room and avoid looking rectangular or formal. Circular layouts work really well in making the room feel linked to its inanimate inhabitants. Pull fixtures forward around a focal point such as a fireplace, and if the space allows, create more than one seating area so that not all of the sofas are in front of the TV. Place your dining table in front of the fireplace with chairs on one side only and a bench on another to not to block the view, possible with a tablecloth. Introduce a reading/relaxation corner by the window or by one of our reclaimed wood bookcases. You can create this purely using the shelves and some floor cushions and blankets. 



An optional dimmer is a great way to create mood and ambience in the living room, whether it’s for a romantic date night or setting the scene before you press ‘play’ on Home Alone. Choose pearl over clear bulbs as these will offer a warmer hint of colour. Even if you don’t actually have a chimney or fireplace, using a standalone gel flame fire will bring warmth and light into your living space. Candles are also a wonderful way to bring that flickering magic into your environment!

As well as all that, theres no harm having some champers and chocs waiting for your party guests on your rustic wood coffee table either!

When the evening’s over and it’s time to sink into the mattress and snuggle into the warmth of the duvet, you need to ensure you have the perfect bed to retire to. If you contact us now there may still be time for us to make and deliver your beautiful rustic solid wood bed before Christmas.

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