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How to Create Romance with a Rustic Vibe

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on


  1. 1. A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
  2. 2. A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

Theres plenty of features out there on how to combine rustic romance for your dream wedding - but romance should not be savoured for merely one occasion, no matter how special it is. Romance is what keeps our hearts on fire and our passions burning! It should be present and celebrated every single day.

Generally when we speak of romance we think of red love hearts, pretty flowers, candle lit dinners, bubble baths with floral confetti, moonlit strolls and reading sonnets from ones Juliette balconybut when it comes to interior design, as long as it evokes a sense of fantasy and rooted belonging, it exudes romance. Now, romantic interiors are always about the light - dimmed settings create an air of mystery and twinkling fairy lights bring subtle magic to any atmosphere, particularly outdoors. Rustic furniture and natural materials combined with more colourful textiles create a cosy ambiance, perfect for snuggling up in-between pillows and blankets!

There are many ways to advocate a little romanticism, whether its for you and your partners first home together or if its your lifelong abode, whether youre doing it for yourself or for a loved one - have a look at these tips to bringing the rustic romance!

  1. Use influences from the City of Love

Frances capital city of Paris is globally recognised as the city of love, aside from its beguiling language, popular honeymoon destinations, artisan dining experiences and charming side walk cafes, Paris is reputable for its authentic settings and majestic architecture. Parisian style bedrooms are heavily influenced by the cursive and intricately carved detailing often found on historical French buildings - it usually decorates ornate furniture and wooden goods including wardrobes, dressers, mirrors, bed frames and chairs. Drapery is an iconic look from the romantic period, using nude coloured sheets and fabrics to create effortless silhouettes used for curtains or furniture.

A great idea for harnessing that Parisian romance is to paint or tarnish your reclaimed wood furniture using chalk paint for a chic vintage look, and then sprinkle your room with floral prints, pastel palettes and delicate ornaments for a refined, rustic and romantic, otherworldly feel.

  1. Bring it outdoors

There is something truly mystifying about the moon, the stars, the midnight sky, the twilight hourbringing yourself closer to nature will reignite any flame you may have lost with your surroundings. There is truly nothing more romantic than watching the sun set on the horizon, the shooting stars flying across the black abyss of night or seeing the burning ball appear again through the hills as you wake from your slumber. It is vastly important to have a comfortable outdoor space where you can be abundant with the natural elements.

Utilise your reclaimed wood furniture and litter your garden with solar panel lanterns, fairy lights and large candles to create a supernatural ambiance! Its not only a great place to enjoy a romantic summer night, but a place you can be spiritual in too.

  1. Romance can be premium AND basic

Romance is a feeling - not a state. So it can be present in the most exquisite of settings, or the most basic. Its all down to preference. Some may see the ideal romantic weekend away as one spent fine dining in an expensive top of the range restaurant and sleeping in a 5 star deluxe suite, whereas others simply wish to be whisked away to a cabin in the woods, enjoying nothing more than blissful company and no internet. Or, you may like both. Its nice to switch it up every now and again and do something different. That is why we are always encouraging interchangeable interior settings.

Perhaps for Valentines day you want it to be roses and sweet treats, pink hues and metallic finishes - but every other day of the year, you want your rustic wood to shine through in the summer and keep it snug in the winter. Flowers are great all rounders to have as your table topper or centre piece whatever the season, and your place settings can be changed to match the occasion!

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