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How to Eat, Sleep and Live your way to Happiness

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

The Tibetan monks believe that the art of happiness comes from within ones mind, and the way to achieve meditated happiness and inner peace is with a little brain training. Happiness can come in many forms, but the largest educational foundation for happiness is the Buddhist teaching of mindfulness; the mental state of being completely aware and conscious of ones feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations in the present moment. Of course, positivity stems not only from your personal thoughts, but the energies of your environment too. Thats why its so important to be comfortable and at ease in your surroundings - and why we cherish our homes so dearly.

Lifestyle design is another huge movement in modern culture. It aims to encourage people not to conform to certain ways of living based on its social acceptance, but to break out from what society deems an ordinary lifestyle' and produce your own based on what makes you happy. So, because we are a sustainable and conscious, rustic furniture brand - we cant help much with your meditating (though we can offer tips; there are some great YouTube tutorials and free self-help guides out there for your perusal), but what we can do to help you become happy in your homely environment and  provide solid means for a healthier lifestyle.

Everything that you own in your living space contributes to your environmental comfort - what you surround yourself with can cause you to feel and think either positively or negatively. Your aim is to make sure that something as simple as a wall hanging, provides even a little slice of happiness in order for it to be worth having! So the end product is a house full of items, fixtures and artefacts that bring you joy and exude positive energies, meaning that you can then concentrate on your inner self, your emotions and your overall lifestyle.

Here are some of our interior design tips that will help bring the EAT SLEEP LIVE elements together to kickstart your new, happier, healthier lifestyle


Having a good, wholesome diet is a key factor of becoming physically and mentally healthy. You need the nutrients that certain foods and grains can provide your body with in order to keep it functioning at the best rate possible. Balancing your daily meals with weekly exercise will help decrease chances of developing chronic diseases and boost your energy levels so that you have more fuel to stimulate you on your other ventures!

Having a special place to prepare, cook and eat your meals is just as vital as the food itself - you need an area where you can thrive creatively and be motivated enough to maintain your healthy eating. Designing your kitchen to meet your culinary requirements is a great way to encourage a consistent interest in your diet - our reclaimed wood tables and benches make beautiful dining platforms thatll excite you every time you walk into the room, thus, making you happier.


Like food, we need a sufficient amount of sleep in order to keep our bodies and minds working in top condition. Though the medical world urges that we need at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep a night, it can be hard to fathom in our fast paced and ever busy world of shift work and partying. If you have a comfortable and warming place to cosy up at night, itll encourage relaxation which in turn will ensure a less disrupted sleeping pattern.

Our reclaimed wood beds are sturdy, strong and undeniably wonderful when set up in your bedroom environment amongst your throws, blankets and pillows. A great nights sleep can determine your mood and levels of happiness on a daily basis - so making sure you get a peaceful night can be the difference between a grumpy trundle to work or having a spring in your step!


As everyone is entitled to their own way of living, its harder to determine a general rule for having a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, its whatever makes you happy. Whether its hiking in the hills, curling up with a book, jamming to music with your imaginary air guitar or kicking back and watching a block buster movie - whatever it is, make sure your home accompanies it.

If youre a book worm, invest in a gorgeous reclaimed wood bookcase, if you enjoy film then have a look at our solid wood TV stands, maybe you love fashion and simply need somewhere to house all your clothes - equip your room with a large wooden wardrobe. Having items and furniture that serve a purpose, especially in encouraging you to take part in your joyous activities, will once again, keep your happiness levels at their peak!

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