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The Best Ways to Incorporate Nature into your Home

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Were bringing the outdoors, indoors - and though its not a new concept at all, 2016 is the year that foliage and indoor plants made a huge breakthrough in interior design, following the sustainability movement. Humans belong with nature, after all it provides us with the means to survive:  food, water, shelter, warmth - even medicines. It enriches our lives, inspires us and leaves us awestruck at its wonderment and beauty. Thats why we feel so relaxed sat under the sun, or refreshed and revitalised after swimming in the sea or energetic as we run through the forests! Nature feeds us energy.

Sometimes the separation from nature can leave us feeling fatigued, stressed or even depressed, as the ambience from its presence alone can bring a simple joy. As we begin to explore our back to basicsessentials - in a bid to bring our human instincts into our modern, technology filled world - we are learning that this innate human desire to be with nature is a vital part of finding and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Blissful happiness is the ultimate objective right? So it makes sense to start small and then dream big! With a few simple changes you can turn your home into an inspiring and creative space thatll pull you deep into the phantasmagorical realms of relaxation and contentment! Heres how you can bring nature into your home and keep those walls exuding motivational energy to succeed, enjoy and never look back

How to Incorporate Nature into your Home

  1. Reclaimed wood furniture

Yes our stunning range of rustic furniture counts! Because of its encompassing natural properties, historical context and solid wood material, our reclaimed furniture harnesses the whimsical power of the beautiful trees they once came from. Because of its repurposing, purchasing our furniture over ones made of virgin wood helps to reduce deforestation and means that the wonderful material isnt wasted!

  1. Decorative Vines

These dont even have to be real, sometimes just the illusion of a botanical paradise can leave you feeling gratified. But the more plants the merrier - vines are great for draping around wall hangings, lighting fixtures or having them run along your cupboards to create a tropical jungle feel!

  1. Cacti

The shops are alive with the sound of cactishelves upon shelves of the fuzzy and succulent plants that have managed to poke their way into not only the interior design industry, but the fashion world too! Cacti are the plant of the season - in fact, theyre the plant of every season, because with their strength and stability stemming from their natural desert habitats, a cactus plant can live up to 150 years under strenuously dry conditions. Thats not to say they dont need looking after though, they may survive without much care, but they certainly wont thrive - water them once a week and follow guides to ensure their healthy growth!

  1. Other Indoor Plants

The list of other indoor plants is vast. Pick a pot and cast them against a neutral backdrop to radiate their leafy green vibrance! In door plants look amazing in combinations of species so dont be afraid to go wild with choices, colours and potting! Larger palms and banana leaf plants look stunning in bathroom settings against panelled wood and ethnic textiles.


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